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CSS in Quiz Questions

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Scott Davies posted on 10 Apr 2012 3:27 AM

Hi All

I'm in the process of customising the CSS for 9.1 SP8. 

One of the lecturers has raised an issue with regards to spacing with the a,b,c in a multiple choice question and the potential answers (yes I'm aware it can be turned off). 

Looking at the CSS I can add in the margin to give more spacing (although I haven't applied what I've done so I don't know if it effects other areas yet), but what I want to do is change the td valign from top to middle. Is that possible? I doubt it is but thought I'd ask.

I've provided 3 screen grabs. 
td_original.jpg - is what it currently looks like 
td_top_more_margin.jpg - is only when I increase the margin (but looks funny) 
td_wanted.jpg - is what I ideally want to do but I need to change the valign tag. 



What it currently looks like 

Only when I increase the margin (but looks funny) 


What I ideally want to do but I need to change the valign tag

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